Saturday, November 24, 2012

Country Roads and Old Fashioned Country Thanksgivings!

First of all let me say I have been spoiled beyond belief driving on the West Coast. Admittedly, people from California do not count, because they A) are not PacWest people and B) can't drive. However, I have NEVER seen worse drivers than I have here in Florida. They don't signal when they turn or change lanes, they consistently drive 15 MPH above the speed limit, if you do not immediately take off when lights turn green they honk and may or may not provide you with a less than pleasant gesture, and finally they don't require helmets for motorcycles! I mean come on, can you say stupidity?? But enough ranting about bad driving...needless to say no one here would win the driver of the year award if there even was a reward like that. 

On a happier note, I went to my aunt's house for Thanksgiving. It was a great long weekend (I have FIVE days off from work!!), the drive was beautiful and relatively stupidity free, saw family, played with cats and dogs, had great food, AND rode in a cotton picker! If you have never seen a cotton picker, or had the joys of picking cotton off the stalk and playing with it you have seriously missed out on life! It's amazing to see cotton in its raw state and imagine all the steps it takes to take form and be used (in case you didn't know this, cotton is generally shipped to China and then back to the US in actual goods; also there's cotton in a $100 bill), and it's really just downright fun to ride around on a cotton picker!! 

Thanksgiving was a really fun affair, I got to see family and friends I haven't seen in years, shoot guns, eat turkey and pumpkin pie, and generally have an All-American Thanksgiving. It was a bit nostalgic to not be at my parents, watching football on the back porch (ROLL TIDE!!), and drinking White Russians, but I guess that's all part of growing up. At least I am still near extended family, and we're planning an old fashioned country Christmas as well =)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Start up fees, working 12s, and pesky ole appliances!!

When you sign up for things like cable, internet, and electricity. They never tell you about the "fees" that come along with it. I mean really does Comcast really need to charge me $59.99 to pick up my cable box and internet modem?? I literally drove to Comcast and picked up everything I needed and THEY charged me. I should have charged them the gas it cost me to drive out there since they shipped me the wrong stuff in the first place!! And then to start up my electric, the great city of Tallahassee charged me a $20.00 start-up fee on top of a $180.00 deposit...a deposit? Really?! It's not like I signed a contract, so why do I need pay a deposit?? Needless to say fees are not my friend!!

This was my first week of real work in my brand new job! I had forgotten how hard it is to be on my feet for twelve hours a day. Plus getting up at 5am to get ready for work, leaving while it's still dark, and getting home after the sun sets is HARD. That being said, I really do love what I do, and I love my new job!! There are a lot of adjustments, and new things to get used to...I mean really EKG strips that I am responsible for interpreting?? Very nerve wracking. On a very proud note I did my first blood draw on a very dehydrated patient, and I got it on the first stick! Hopefully the weeks begin to go more smoothly, and I figure out the nuances of the system =)

I got my washer and dryer today. I don't think I've even been so excited to see an appliance in my life...I once again have a surplus of clean clothes! Plus I bought an energy efficient washer so I'll get $100.00 dollars off my electric bill, which will alleviate some of the "fee" issues I've been having so that's good. I think this has been one of the most ADD things I've ever written...couldn't quite decide which of the exciting life events I should write about today...will have to work on that another day =)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Reasons I'm pretty sure my neighbor hates me and other shenanigans

Anyone who has ever lived with me for any length of time will tell you that I am a wiggler. Not only am I a wiggler, but I also feel the need at random times during my day to run through my abode. These are not predetermined jaunts, and I'm doing them before I quite realize that this is happening. So now my neighbor is graced by my little thumper feet. Additionally, I have felt the need to listen to CNN in the morning while I get ready for work. Which means at 6:30am my tv is on, but on the bright side my knowledge of news events and politics is at an all time high. On top of that is my desire to listen to music to combat the silence. This now means that s/he is subjected to my random mood music swings including, but not limited to: country, R&B, rock, alternative, 90s pop icons and 60s jazz. As a result of all of this I'm pretty sure my neighbor probably thinks I'm schizophrenic. And for the record I've never actually seen the person who lives below me...for all I know there's no one living there, but that would make the cat gymnasium on the porch hard to explain.

In other news, I completed my week of orientation...mostly. I have to go back Monday morning for one more 29 question test about cardiac rhythms :P Otherwise it's been a fairly uneventful (e.g. a fairly boring overview of a lot of stuff, but at least everyone has been really nice) orientation, I really like the campus and organization I work for. They have made a lot of improvements, and have touch screen IV pumps...yes I said touch screen. It's awesome. However, they use one of the most archaic electronic medical records I have ever worked with. It is so not cool, but than again I have a job so I can't really complain! And I'm heading off this weekend to the Greek festival or the Seafood festival, or maybe both!!