Sunday, October 28, 2012

Living alone!

There are lots of perks to living alone such as controlling the remote, walking around in my underwear, and no one else making a mess in my space. However, there are downsides that I am discovering along this journey! Unless I have the tv or some form of music on there is utter silence (unless of course I am talking to myself out loud which is slightly more crazy than doing it silently btw) which is pretty hard to get used to. My solution has been to create a 90s pop Pandora station based primarily on NSYNC and the Spice's almost, but not quite, embarrassing to admit how happy this station has made me as I get settled into my new apartment. The second major problem lies not in silence, but in noise...I know how can I complain about both silence and noise? Well let me tell you! When I am lying in bed half awake at 6am and it sounds like someone is unsuccessfully trying to break down my door I lay there for 5 min trying to decide if this is normal apartment noise, or if someone is really trying to break down my door (for the record so far no one has actually broken into my apartment, but to prove I'm not crazy at least 3 of the last 7 mornings someone from the leasing office has left notes on my door) and at those moments I would be really happy with silence! 

All things considered though, my apartment is pretty awesome...I would post some pictures of it, but I am technologically challenged and am going to have to figure the whole picture thing out later...and I have a huge closet! Oddly enough though, while my own closet is quite large, the storage space in this place is a little lacking particularly in the bathroom. Now don't get me wrong, I am not a total girly girl but I have my fair share of beauty products along with the necessary first aid kit, which currently is comprised of arnica gel and Disney princess band aids (I'm putting my profession just a bit to shame here...will have to work on the whole first aid thing later), so a little more storage space would be appreciated. But other than the storage space and the inability to drink tap water my first solo, big girl apartment is great!

The whole moving in and getting settled process was surprisingly painless due primarily to my awesome dad and uncle Wayne for moving all the heavy objects, and then my dad for using his vacation time to help me get settled and buy all the necessities needed to start out my solo living. My mother also is a genius about moving, and she tucked all the basic cleaning supplies and things such as toilet paper in a laundry basket so when I unpacked all of my stuff I didn't immediately have to run to the store to stock up on necessities (because really I can only go so long without toilet paper!). All in all I'm a pretty blessed girl when it comes to my family coming together to make this transition as smooth as possible!


  1. WHAT? You dont miss me making a mess ALL OVER the house??????? lies.

    I use disney fairy bandaids.... they're from you though ;)

    And you would be amazed how long boys can go without toilet paper...

  2. Im glad you like the disney fairy bandaids!! And after having you over for a weekend and seeing all the things Princess Ella needs I can now say with surety that I need a dedicated closet for when you come to visit! That being said it is gross how long boys can go without toilet paper which is why I never go to an all guys house without bringing my own!!
    x`s and o`s